Four tips for healthy health, do a good job you will solve 70% of health problems

Know the four night cornerstones of health? Reasonable diet, moderate exercise, quit smoking and limit alcohol, psychological balance. This is the World Health Organization for the serious impact on human health of the concept of the four cornerstones of bad behavior. And clearly pointed out that to do these four points, you can carry out to solve 70% of the health education behavior analysis problems, so that the average life of enterprises to extend more than ten years.

The explanation of the four cornerstones of the night is also fancy, in fact, to describe the four cornerstones of the night in layman’s terms, can be simply described and boiled down to a few points, that is: control your mouth, open your legs, quit bad habits and adhere to a good mindset! This is the essence of almost all health care concepts. The prevention of almost all diseases is also these “open secrets”! Let’s analyze, one by one, why these “secrets” of health care will be tried and true?

One, keep your mouth shut

There are many things you can do to keep your mouth shut, such as a low-salt, low-fat diet, limiting saturated fats and trans fats, limiting excess sugar, and getting the right nutritional balance! While many diseases are diet-related, keeping your mouth shut can prevent and avoid the high incidence of many diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia and cerebrovascular disease. But this is not an empty claim; there is clear evidence-based medical evidence for diet control on the occurrence of disease.

Two, open your legs

Open legs is to move, because suitable and moderate exercise, both to enhance physical fitness, but also to prevent the probability of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. Even many diseases are related to the insertion of flow, such as lower limb venous thrombosis. I believe the vast majority of people understand the significance of moving for health, but the standard of living is getting better and better, we are really moving less and less.

Three, quit bad habits

The impact of bad habits on disease is obvious, such as smoking easily lead to lung disease, drinking alcohol easily lead to liver disease, irregular rest easily lead to cardiovascular disease, etc.. It is well known that these bad habits are important and direct causes of many diseases. So, quit bad habits can keep you away from diseases and maintain a healthy body!

Fourth, maintain a good state of mind

A good state of mind is the most important criterion of mental health, because mental health is also one of the foundations of our health. Many diseases are also related to the management of emotions, and the mind is an important issue of emotions to produce the economic base. The ancient Chinese medicine of anger hurts the liver, the theory of happiness and sadness, can also be explained as an important understanding of emotional diseases very early!

Of course these factors do not determine the health of all individuals, but definitely in our health plays a irreplaceable role. So, for the sake of our health, close your mouth, open your legs, quit bad habits and maintain a good state of mind.

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